1. How are Bear Valley Pemmican and MealPack bars different than the other sports and energy bars?

Bear Valley bars are made with all natural, minimally refined ingredients. We do not use any additives, stabilizers, refined sugars, isolates, or preservatives. We believe that vitamins and minerals are best supplied in their natural form in balance rather than extracted and concentrated to meet the current nutritional craze. Bear Valley bars have large pieces of pecans, walnuts and almonds you won't find in our competitors' bars. Bear Valley bars are baked, not extruded.

2. Why are the Bear Valley bars so large?

They were originally designed to keep folks on the ski slope throughout the day and are still used that way today. A 3.75-ounce bar also gives the consumer a great value, usually costing less than 50% of the cost of the other bars per ounce.

3. How long will Bear Valley bars last?

Bear Valley bars use all natural ingredients and are not full of chemical stabilizers or additives, so they are stamped with a "best if used by" date which is six months from the date of manufacture. However, if stored in a cool, dry place or frozen, they will last well beyond this date.

4. Do you use hydrogenated oils?

No. We use only pure, non-hydrogenated soy oil, so there are no trans fats in any of our bars.

5. Why do Pemmican and MealPack bars satisfy one's hunger so much more than the other bars?

To avoid the quick "up and down" one gets from simple carbohydrates only, we decided to provide a sustained energy from complex carbohydrates and natural fats and proteins.

6. Where can I buy Bear Valley bars?

Bear Valley bars are available on Amazon.com at REI and most natural foods stores, or order directly by calling us toll-free: 1-800-323-0042 (visit our Order page for more information).

7. What is the difference between Pemmican and MealPack bars?

Both products are sustained energy bars with all essential amino acids. MealPack name was developed when Bear Valley Foods was threatened with a lawsuit over the use of the word Pemmican by a large, multinational corporation. It turned out that we had used the word Pemmican first, so we got to keep using it. But by that time, our new flavors had been sold under the name MealPack, so we left it that way. Pemmican was our original product. MealPack bars were developed with different protein sources for the 8 essential amino acids, and one, Sesame-Lemon, is wheat-free.

8. How long have you been making Bear Valley Pemmican and MealPack bars?

We have been making them since 1968 and providing them to the public since 1972.

9. Are there other uses for Pemmican and MealPack bars?

Our bars are nutrient dense designed to keep you going without empty calories. In fact, people write to us to say they have used Bear Valley bars in their weight-loss programs. A Bear Valley bar is a handy snack for busy students rushing to activities after school and great for that hunger "emergency" whether you are at the office, in the car or on a plane.