About Us

Pemmican is a Native American word roughly translated as "travel food made for long trips." A compact source of concentrated energy needing no preparation on the trail, Native American pemmican often included bear fat, berries and anything else that was nutritious and available.


      To the founders of Bear Valley Foods, the idea of a compact, nutritious, energy-packed food seemed like a great way to stay on the ski slopes through lunch. So, they set out to create the modern-day version of pemmican. The resulting Bear Valley Pemmican and MealPack bars are satisfying, compact sources of energy with all natural ingredients (and no bear fat or any other meat products).

      Our bars have been enjoyed by expert mountain climbers, skiers, smoke-jumpers, and outdoor enthusiasts for the past 40 years. They have been essential provisions on expeditions to Antarctica, the Arctic and around the world, as well as emergency rations in many briefcases, lunch boxes and glove compartments.