Bear Valley Mealpack & Pemmican natural energy food bars

Backpacker Magazine: Battle of the Bars

Pemmican Fruit and Nut voted Best All-Around by Backpacker Magazine. Here's what they said:

...we put 31 bars (representing 10 different brands) in front of 12 hungry hikers to see which deliver the longest-lasting, best tasting fuel.

Best All-Around
Pemmican Fruit and Nut
3.75 oz. 420 calories
Grandma would approve of this bar. In fact, she could have baked it. The moist, homemade quality of this cakelike treat shot it to the top of taster's lists. Made with soy flour, malted corn and barley, and sweetened with honey and grape juice, the bar boasts a whopping 58 grams of carbohydrates and 16 grams of protein, enough for two power-packed snack breaks or lunch. One tester enthused that it's the only bar that "truly suffices as a meal replacement."

Backpacker Magazine, June 2005

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